Waxing uses a resin based product that removes the hair from the root to leave the skin

smooth for up to 6 weeks.

I use Adam & Eve hot wax – This is made from the finest ingredients available. The wax is manufactured to stick to the hair and not the skin resulting in a relatively painless wax in comparison to others on the market. When it comes to more intimate waxing (e.g. Brazilian) I do feel that this is a superior wax that leaves the skin smooth and less irritated.


For most people their first Brazilian wax is always a bit daunting… I would like to think that I inspire confidence with clients  as this has translated to great word or mouth referrals. I will do a consultation explaining exactly what the procedure involves and what you would like to get out of the treatment.

I offer my clients the option of wearing a disposable g-string if they feel nervous and always use a towel to keep you covered. It is recommended to exfoliate the night before and to come freshly washed.

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