“Apart from the expert guidance that Colette has offered regarding skincare products, she has a particularly good manner. I have had the pleasure of attending spas in New Zealand and England for the best part of 30 years and I would have to say that Colette is the best therapist I have ever encountered. She is not only highly efficient and effective with what she does, she is always positive in her observations, warm and interested. Such personal qualities enhance ones confidence in the advice given as it feels as though it comes from a person who genuinely has your best interests at heart rather than from someone who is simply promoting a product.”

Trudy Keenan


“I’m thrilled with the treatments that Colette provides especially because the services she provides is personal to me.  For example, when I book in for a facial it is personalized, after the initial cleanse she looks at my skin checking for problem areas, hydration levels as well as asking if there are any specific things I’m concerned about. … it makes me feel not only valued as a client but that the results are about ME!“

Rebecca Schasching


“Thank you for your wonderful services over the last 3 years. I have always appreciated your professional, warm and welcoming expertise.  Good luck with your new endeavours“

Christine Shigeeda


“Colette is a highly talented and professional beauty therapist. As she works from home she is highly flexible with the time she can see you, which is great! The results of her treatments are fantastic! She has recently placed eye lash extensions on me and I am so impressed with not only the look but also how long these have stayed glued on.  These are a great product and I’m going back to have them done again…. Colette’s technique when waxing is second to none. She makes it quick and as painless as possible and the out come is always brilliant.  She is always willing to go the extra mile and makes you feel comfortable and at home in her own home.“

Lesley England

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