Radiance DNA Eye Contour Cream

Radiance DNA Eye Contour Cream


Triple Effect: Anti-wrinkles, concealed and de-puffing under eye bags

Specific care created for the total eye contour repair, thereby achieved a three-fold effect against wrinkles, under-eye bags and circles. Revitalises drain and activates micro-flow.

It provides a long lasting lifting, tightening effect and visibly reduces deep wrinkles.

It smooths out, unifies and lightens the periocular area. Bags under the eyes and circles disappear visibly.

Active Ingredients:

[meso] recovery complex®

Eye Seryl: Tetrapeptide with anti-oedema properties highly effective for bag reduction. It has an effect against dark circles under the eyes, increasing brightness in the periocular area.

Horse chestnut extract: Vasoconstrictive and anti-oedema properties. Potent decongestant, draining action.

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