Cosmeceuticals 101

Cosmeceuticals…What are they and why should we use them?

Cos(metic) = (pharma)ceutic 

This term was created in the 1990’s to refer to cosmetics that contain biologically active ingredients. It is a ‘hybrid’ category of skincare products between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  Cosmeceuticals are celebrated due to their effectiveness and innovative active ingredients. Over the last few years technologies and scientific research has brought us the most effective and non-invasive skincare. 

My top 4 ingredients picks to look for in a cosmeceutical

Alpha Hydroxy Acid



Concentrated Vitamins 

The ingredients in cosmeceuticals are bound to be stronger than your average range, this means that you should see radical improvement in your skin without major side effects.

(always use your products as recommend) 

What can I expect form my cosmeceutical range?

The best part of cosmeceuticals are that they are fast acting. With regular cosmetics your might see a small improvement if any in a few months where cosmeceuticals are developed to work to correct skin concerns deeply and promote a change on the cellular level to improve the skin’s health in the long term. 

I have been working with Aspect for a while now and I love it as it is a comprehensive range that is easy to use. I have seen very positive results with my own skin, friends and new clients.

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