Eyelash Extension

For years eyelash extensions were just a part of photographic and fashion makeup…. not anymore!

Last year really saw a boom in the eyelash extension market going from special occasion to every day wear.

They make the world of difference. It only takes about 90 minutes from start to finish for a full set of lashes and the effects are immediate!  I use different lengths and thicknesses to produce a custom look that suits you. Eyelash extensions grow out with your natural lashes.

There are two very important aspects in achieving a great set of lashes

1) soft natural lashes

2) non irritating but long lasting glue.

Having done a lot of research into eyelash extensions I found an amazing product in Fablashes.

Each extension is a single fibre that is individually attached to one of your existing eyelashes.

Remember Express lashes are NOT the same as lash extensions. If you are sitting in a chair and your procedure is taking just 20 – 30 mins they will not give you the same result often leaving you disappointed with the final effect.

How They Work

On arrival a thorough consultation is conducted on what effect you would like to achieve with your lash extensions and a consent form is signed. This says a lot about your technician’s professionalism as they are making sure you do not have any allergies that might affect your new lashes.

 We start off by preparing the lashes and placing collagen pads over the bottom lashes. After this your eyes will be closed for the rest of the treatment. Many people find it really relaxing and even have a little snooze. During eyelash extensions, individual lashes are glued to your own lashes, which is why the process takes so long.

There are a variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses and colours available. This allows your technician to design different effects to suit you.


The Result 

The effects are immediate! The lashes are weightless and natural-looking and they grow out with the natural cycle of your own lashes.

How long will they last?

Eyelash extensions normally last as long as the natural cycle of your eyelashes. The Fablashes glue is a non-irritating and very strong glue. This allows the lash to stay on for the maximum amount of time. It is recommended to have in fills every 3-5 weeks.

The first 48 hours are really the most important for the lifespan of your lashes.

My top tips for eyelash maintenance

  • avoid excessive steam

  •  rubbing your eyes

  •  using oil based cleansers

  •  brush your new lashes morning and night with a clean mascara brush




A Warning

Be aware of ‘cowboy’ technicians….. When the lashes are not applied properly, you may experience pulling on your lashes and itchiness if the glue is touching the skin.

It is important to note that express lashes are NOT the same as lash extensions. If you are sitting in a chair and your procedure is taking just 20 – 30 mins beware. The results may well leave you disappointed.



I love eyelash extensions! As a technician I love giving someone a great set. As a client I love the effect of having falsies!  They make the world of difference. Remember that you can have a natural look or a dramatic effect.

The choice is really up to you.

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